Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is why I need a job! I have so many wants but not enough mula!! Aha, but yeah, these are some things that I really really wish I had but it doesn't look as if I'll be getting any of them any time soon because since this is my last year of HS I won't have any time to get a job because i'll be way too busy studying and focusing on school. I really want a classy pair of black pumps, knee or thigh high boots and black wedges. I love shoes and there are so many other pairs of shoes that I want, but they have to be the top 3. I also really want the iPhone 4 because I'm just so sick and tired of my Blackberry; Apple all the way, woot woot! haha. I'm obsessed with Alexander Wang's black bags and Miu Miu bags and it would be SO lovely to have either one of them. Also, jeans are something that I don't find myself buying too often, but lately I've been wearing jeans a lot lately and I need more and also I have a thing for vintage, studded, high waisted shorts so yeah, I'll be ordering a pair from this website that has the cutest ones ever! Sunglasses are something I'm always willing to shop for, and the YSL arty ring is seriously a must have <3