Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo shoot + Summer shopping

Today was a really good day, I must say. I woke up at 9AM to get ready for my photo shoot & then after the photo shoot I went shopping with my cousin & a friend. The photo shoot went so well, I know that i'm going to be really pleased with the shots :) My first look was a really playful, smiley hypsterish look with bright colors and fun poses & the second look was more classy & serious. My photographer only showed me ONE photo out of all the shots because he was like he wants to surprise me and keep me excited but I want them nowwww because the photo that I saw was so great, ugh lol.
Shopping was really fun afterwards too, but I was so tired that all i really wanted to do was sleep. At Bebe I got these thigh high black socks because i've been wanting a good pair of thigh high socks for so long & there was this black biker leather jacket that I wanted to get SOOO bad, it looked so good on me but I didn't get it because I live in the Caribbean so there won't be anywhere for me to wear it, so I decided to just wait until Christmas to buy it *hopefully it's still in stock or they'll have other cute ones there* & at Hollister I got a pair of skinny leg jeans because I just needed a new pair. I love how they fit, they're my new fav pair of jeans now. I also got some cute head pieces from Claires but I forgot to take pictures, so I'll do that tomorrow <3